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Auger Flights from Des Moines Iron & Supply Company

Auger FlightingDes Moines Iron & Supply Company has been selling Helicoid Augers, Sectional Augers and Stainless Augers since the early 1970's. We have over 500 sizes in stock and are always adding new ones.


When ordering auger flight you must know: O.D., Pitch, Material, RH or LH turn, and I.D. (O.D. - shaft, pipe, and tubing).

We sell 5' or 10' sections and offer same day shipping.



Helicoid Auger Flights - Used in screw conveyors for moving bulk materials. Flighting is cold rolled into continuous one-piece helicoid screw. It's smooth, hard surface reduces friction wear and power requirements.


Sectional Auger Flights - For heavier duty requirements on applications requiring a thicker outside diameter flight edge to provide extended wear life. Sectional flighting is made in full pitch segments to be assembled, welded and mounted.


Stainless Auger Flights - Helicoid and sectional flighting can be provided in stainless steel material.